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If I was a "Hillbilly" I'd be running for the Hill, cuz I'd be gettin' a whole lot more CHANGE than I was promised if I could break a trillion dollar bill.

That ain't the kind of change we were bankin' on, America.  The Soggy Bottom Boys will play at my inauguration.

A backwoods, unschooled, "Hillbilly" could make better decisions than those being made by many of the educated, sophisticrat, "Scholars" in Washington D.C.

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     A big part of life has to do with battling over philosophies, which often has to do with Religious Ideologies. Right vs. Left, Conservative vs. Liberal, Rich vs. Poor, Educated vs. Uneducated, and Capitalism vs. Socialism are just a few examples.  These philosophical conflicts are "used" by people in positions of power when they are seeking political positions and votes.  Most often they are not genuinely interested in the greater good of the country, their countrymen, humanity, and planet earth.  They lack intelligence, common sense, good judgment, and honesty when it comes to achieving that end.  And they seek only their own interests and the interests of their "party."

     The majority of people are generally in favor of balance and equality.  But it is difficult to achieve that do to the large number of extremists who exist in the so-called "educated" and "upper classes" of society.  It is these extremists who generally control the masses because they are the ones who can afford to step up to the horn and announce their plans, often deceitfully, on behalf of the American people.  This is why elections keep going back and forth between Republicans and Democrats.  And it is why you always hear about how people are tired of "Washington Insiders," "Government Bureaucrats," and "Greedy Corporate Pigs."  Just because somebody goes to college and receives a Law Degree or becomes a Doctor does not necessarily make them the most qualified to make decisions on behalf of the majority of the American people.  It might make them qualified to argue in a courtroom or do open heart surgery.  But even that is questionable at times.  Don't think the only people who are worthy of being the President of the United States are those who have acquired a college Degree.  It is quite obvious that many of those people are not qualified at all.  My theory is that they are so caught up in their own academic egos, pride, competitive thinking, and "party loyalty" that they lose sight of what really matters and what is really important to the American people.  Most of them don't know what it means to work hard, suffer, and live most, if not all, of their life at or below the middle class level.

     It is time for regular John-Doe Americans to start running for office.  And it is time for the American people to start voting them into office.  Let's let people who have had real "life experiences" begin making decisions on behalf of the majority of the American people: People like "Joe the Plummer;" People who work at Wal-Marts across the country; People who have been falsely accused and falsely arrested; People who know what it means to work hard and suffer; Real people who possess intelligence, common sense, and good judgment.  Stop voting for clean-cut egos with Degrees.  They are ultimately ONLY looking out for their own self-interests and self-advancement.  Start voting for "Regular Joes" and "Janes."  Start voting for "Real People" who know what it means to work, struggle, and hurt throughout their life.  Those who understand the words: "pursuit of happiness."  I KNOW that I can make decisions on behalf of our Country and Americans better than ANY person who is currently in Washington, D.C.  That is why I am willing to challenge ANY one of them at ANY time in ANY public forum on ANY issue.  Those are my credentials.  Therefore I am running for President.  And, if you are reading this, I am asking for YOUR SUPPORT (Buy a PresidentMike.com T-shirt or send me a campaign contribution in ANY amount), YOUR ENDORSEMENT (Tell all of your friends to visit PresidentMike.com and to vote for me), and YOUR VOTE.

     If you have faith in your own ability to make decisions that are in the best interests of the American people, the same way that I do, then you should run too.  Run for ANY public office.  We need more "Real" people in office.

     Don't let the traditional barriers and limitations that have evolved over the years, i.e., the "Elitist" mentality, the idea that you need to be "educated with a Degree," and the idea that you have to work your way up through the system to be President, stop you.  Since when is being the President of the United states an "Elitist" or "Status" thing.  It is not.  It is a decision-making thing on behalf of millions of Americans.  If you have faith in your own ability to make decisions in the best interest of Americans you should run for office.  If you don't run, you should DEFINTELY vote for me because I am interested in what is best for each and every American and our country.  And I have the intelligence, common sense, good judgment and honesty that is required to do the job RIGHT.  Subscribe to my Newsletter.

Michael Van Schaick

Vote For A "Real" Person.  It's Time.
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The Human Challenge

25 Questions That Can Change
The United States (And The World) For The Better!
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"Ego & Pride" Married "Greed" And Had A Baby.  They Named It: "Corruption!"

    I am a strong proponent of higher education.  I believe people should get the highest level of education they can.  But an academic education does not necessarily make a person any better, smarter, or more competent than another.  It seems too many politicians in Washington, D.C., despite having high levels of education, are not very smart and lack common sense.  They sure don't seem to be using their academic achievements in the best interest of the United States of America or its citizens.  The simple fact of the matter is there are people who have no more than a high school diploma that have more common sense than many people who have been elected into public office.  There are people who have dropped out of high school that have more intelligence and smarts than many of them.  Many people are blinded by the very ego and pride that their high levels of education have wrought in them.  Their ego and pride governs their decision making processes more so than common sense, good judgment, and prudence.  This anomaly manifests itself quite often in politics.  If you are tired of that reality - - Vote For Me!

     Some people have said: "Money is the root of all evil."  Others have tried to rectify this misnomer by asserting an equally obtuse statement: "The love of money is the root of all evil."  Both of those statements stand to be corrected by this one: "Greed is the root of all evil."  Ego & Pride has infiltrated our government - - a government that is supposed to be "Of the people, By the people, For the people."  Greed has infiltrated Corporate America and our economy - - an economy that is supposed to be based upon a fair and honest Capitalistic society.  Corruption is the result.  Now Corruption is seeking to oppress, cause harm to, and annihilate its Subjects - - You & Me.  I WILL put a stop it.  If you want it stopped - - Vote For Me!

     When a handful of greedy billionaires buy out, manipulate, sway, and control corrupt politicians and the media, we no longer have a government "Of the people, By the people, For the people."  If you want a government "Of the people, By the people, For the people" - - vote for me.  I WILL put into place an administration that WILL remedy ALL of the problems that our country is currently facing.  All of the people who usually run, and those who are running now, are too connected to the establishment and they are too disconnected from the majority of the American people.  They give a good speech in front of the cameras and their staged audiences so that people will vote for them just so they can keep the status-quo.  As a result the billionaires keep getting richer and the politicians keep getting more corrupt.  And YOU and I keep paying higher prices at the gas pumps, for our utilities, in the supermarkets, at the hospitals & pharmacies, and in the shopping malls.  If you want the status quo to continue, vote for ANY of the other candidates who are currently running to be the next President of The United States.  If you want REAL and MEANINGFUL change that WILL benefit The United States of America, the American people, and the world in general - - Vote For Me!
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