As YOUR President - - YOUR Commander-In-Chief,

WE will defend the 2nd Amendment Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms.

Criminals will always have access to guns, whether they make them on their own or acquire them in the underground marketplace.  Whether it is for hunting, sport, self defense, and/or one's own personal sense of security, safety, and peace of mind every honest, decent, law-abiding citizen in the United States of America should have the Right and the Privilege to own and carry Rifle(s) and/or Handgun(s).  We live in a diversified, dangerous, and unpredictable world.  If a person wants to own and carry a gun they absolutely MUST have that Right and that Privilege.  They should simply be registered and qualified to do so.  At the same time there should be government control and regulation over explosives and extreme automatic weapons like machine guns.

Here is the BEST Gun Control Proposal.  Please adopt it and PROMOTE IT!!!

Send it out to EVERY Senator and Congress Person!!!

Don't FOLD NRA!  Don't Give Up On The Good Fight of Truth and Justice!!!

Mr. President:

You have asked for a "Gun Control" Proposal.  Here it is:

The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America provides for and protects the current status (January 2013) of guns and "Gun Control" in our Nation.

If you are genuinely concerned about violence in our Nation you need to, you MUST, address the problem.  The problem is NOT guns.  Guns do NOT kill.  People kill.  The problem is two-fold: 1.) "Cultural Violence" and 2.) "Individual Culpability"

Here is how you MUST remedy the problem:

1.)    Cultural Violence - If you really "genuinely" care about our Nation and our children you WILL consider this.

About 20 years ago I walked with my ex-girlfriend into her friend's apartment and observed that the young couple had their infant baby in a rocker propped up 6 feet in front of a huge TV screen that the couple was playing a violent video game on.  The poor helpless infant child was in a gaze starring aimlessly up into this big screen with blood flying around, the sound of guns shooting, and murder and mayhem.  That was nearly 20 years ago in 1997.  I remember at that time it angered me.  I wondered how that child's life might turn out after twenty years of that kind of indoctrination.  And now I am left wondering if it could possibly be one of the young adults I have recently heard about in the news.  But what could I do then?  After all it wasn't my child, right?  Just like the 20 poor beautiful young souls in CT.  They are not my kids, right?  No!  They are mine DAMN IT!  And they are YOURS!

I don't care if it adversely impacts and impairs the development of only ONE child.  Anyone who TRULY cares about children would be doing something to regulate what children are exposed to in our Nation.  Corporations, Politicians, and The Media (Television Programming, Commercials, and Hollywood) are throwing our children under the bus for Financial Gains and Profits.  We are allowing dirt bag, scumbag, selfish, greedy, self-centered, animalistic, half-breeds to pump trash, filth, poison, perversion, corruption, and violence into the minds of our precious, innocent, impressionable, young children through cartoons, music, movies, and games across this Nation for their own selfish financial gains and profits.  They are TEACHING, ENCOURAGING, and GUIDING our children into becoming Violent Killers.  They ARE putting MANY of our precious, innocent, impressionable, young children BEHIND in their otherwise positive and productive development.  They ARE now responsible for the many Tragic Shootings that are taking place in Malls, Movie Theatres, and Schools.  I have seen it with my own eyes!  I have seen it in my own family!  I have seen it with my neighbors!  And so have you!

Are we going to continue being complacent, apathetic, and indifferent?  Are we going to continue allowing selfishness and greed to bring our once GREAT Nation down into the gutter?  Are we going to allow them to turn our once GREAT Nation into a Godless society?  Are you?

By properly and effectively addressing these issues you will be doing something about "Gun Control" that is meaningful and lasting.  If you truly care about children other than your own, you will!

2.)    Individual Culpability - This has to do with Penalties and Prevention.  It has to do with penalizing "Responsible Parties" who falter, and preventing "Irresponsible and Incapable Parties" (people with questionable mental capacities) from owning, having access to, or possessing Guns and/or Fire Arms of ANY sort, as well as ANY other sources of weaponry.

Issues of Violence and Morality in our Nation cannot be addressed without proper and meaningful regulations that are applicable to those areas specifically as they effect and affect children.

Children should not have access to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, pornography, violence, or ANY sources of immorality, perversion, depravity, and indecency through cartoons, movies, music, and games.  If you disagree, you don't really care about our Nation's children.  There should be varying penalties for Companies, People, and Parents who FAIL in protecting their children from such.  I can tell you exactly how to achieve ALL of that if you cannot figure it out.  Likewise, there should be serious penalties for Companies, People, and Parents who enable the "Irresponsible and Incapable" to have access to Fire Arms.


The following article gives additional credence to this truth.

In October 1991 in Killeen, Texas, a psychopath named George Hennard rammed his pickup truck through the plate glass window of a Luby's cafeteria.  Using a pair of ordinary pistols, he murdered 23 people in 10 minutes, stopping only when the police arrived.þ

In October 1991 in Killeen, Texas, a psychopath named George Hennard rammed his pickup truck through the plate glass window of a Luby's cafeteria. Using a pair of ordinary pistols, he murdered 23 people in 10 minutes, stopping only when the police arrived.

Dr. Suzanna Gratia, a cafeteria patron, had a gun in her car, but, in conformity to Texas law, she did not carry the gun; Texas, despite its Wild-West image, has the most severe law in the country against carrying firearms. Carry-reform legislation had almost passed the state legislature, but had been stopped in House Rules Committee by the gun-control lobby.

Gratia later testified that if she had been carrying her gun, she could have shot at Hennard: "I know what a lot of people think, they think, 'Oh, my God, then you would have had a gunfight and then more people would have been killed.' Unhunh, no. I was down on the floor; this guy is standing up; everybody else is down on the floor. I had a perfect shot at him. It would have been clear. I had a place to prop my hand. The guy was not even aware of what we were doing. I'm not saying that I could have saved anybody in there, but I would have had a chance." Hennard reloaded five times, and had to throw away one pistol because it jammed, so there was plenty of opportunity for someone to fire at him.

Even if Gratia hadn't killed or wounded Hennard, he would have had to dodge hostile gunfire, and wouldn't have been able methodically to finish off his victims as they lay wounded on the floor. The hypothetical risks of a stray bullet from Gratia would have been rather small compared with the actual risks of Hennard not facing any resistance. But because of the Texas law, Gratia had left her gun in the car and couldn't take a shot at Hennard. Instead, she watched him murder both her parents.


If…IF…"if" ALL six of those wonderful women teachers and administrators in CT had been properly trained, certified, and carrying weapons (in their purses or desks) (whether for their own "personal" benefit and protection, or through State required training and certification)… had they ALL six been personally trained, certified, and competent to carry fire arms… would those 20 beautiful, wonderful, innocent children be alive today?  "YES"

If women were truly given "equal rights" and were encouraged, trained, and certified to carry and handle fire arms (as men are) those children would be alive today!

That is the REAL Story you should be heralding!!!

I posted the above on my Facebook page.  The following is an actual exchange of Comments that took place (names withheld for privacy here, but you can see it on my Facebook):

Friend #1: More guns = less death. You FAIL in math.

Friend #2: No "Friend#1" u fail: more guns in the RIGHT hands defiantly = less death.  1 shooter = 1 gun = 20 deaths vs. 1 shooter = 1 gun, 1 teacher = 2 guns - 1 teacher kills 1 shooter = 20 alive and only 1 dead- simple math.  If the Principal had a gun those 20 kids AND her would still be alive!

I commented: Beautiful "Friend#2!  You are a Mathematical Genius, my friend!!!

Too often we hear about tragic shootings.

The reaction is always the same.  Media correspondents, like a bunch of salivating foaming-at-the-mouth hyenas, go into a feeding frenzy endeavoring to devour a newly found carcass.  They spend the greater amount of their time for hours and days on in "publicizing" the tragedy and placing their melodramatic spotlight on some sick maniac turning the person into a media sensation.  Most disappointing and shocking is that they engage in mindless "analysis" with psychiatrists and psychologists inquiring as to "the reason why" their new "media star" could do such a terrible thing.  It is sickening to watch.  Neither the correspondents nor the shrinks ever get it right.  They inevitably highlight and emphasize guns as being the killers, rather than their newly famed television "Stars."  In the aftermath of the tragedy their focus becomes "guns."

Guns don't kill.  People kill.

So the ONLY question is: "Why do people kill?"
2nd Amendment Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms
"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
                                                                                                -- Thomas Jefferson

Women: When the SICK and DERANGED no longer have access to guns they will come at you with knives and bombs. EVERY citizen of the USA has the RIGHT to Arms for self preservation and protection. I hope in your future when our current socialist regime confiscates GUNS from everyone and some INSANE criminal sneaks into your home at night to rape, kill, pillage, and steal wielding a 12 inch long razor sharp blade and an insane mind that you have a husband by your side with an illegal gun in the dresser drawer next to him! Join the NRA and get certified ladies!!!  I certainly WISH one or more of those beautiful women teachers and administrators in CT had been packing!!! DAMN IT!!!!!
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