A Thesis On Sex
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A Rational Analysis Of Human Sexuality

     I am torn between two sayings.  One comes from my son.  He often says to me: "You can't save the world, dad!"  The other is a common saying: "Evil will prevail when good men and women do nothing!"

     My son is always urging me to focus only on my music.  I teach guitar, piano, bass, drums and singing.  And I am extremely passionate about teaching young children about music.  Children have always been a primary motivational force in my life.  I lost my daughter to false and profane allegations after her mother died.  That motivated me to want to become a millionaire because I quickly learned that without money you are defenseless in the court system.  I dreamed of having millions of dollars so that I could afford the high cost attorneys and "expert witnesses" I would need to defend my person against the evil allegations that were wrongfully made against me, clear my name and regain custody of my daughter.  I acquired sole custody of my son when he was three-years-of-age.  And I raised him on my own with a very limited income.  Those two difficult realities lead to my creating and publishing the greatest musical resource ever devised for children: Grand Staff and His Musical Friends.

     I am a very philosophical person.  And I am very political-minded.  I was also very religious and church going when I was younger.  I became a "Born Again Christian" and studied the Bible, Koran and various religions for many years.  I grew to become very spiritual-minded.  And I have always tried to reconcile the conflict that exists between the traditional view of a judgmental God that is going to judge and condemn the "wicked" - a view that I strongly oppose and disagree with because I think "God" is BIGGER and BETTER than that - with a balanced, centrist, rational view that humanity simply needs to STOP being "judgmental" and start being more responsible for the condition of this planet - primarily through better, more realistic, more practical education.  Essentially, I believe - that is, I "THINK" - that people should be able to do whatever they want to do so long as they are not violating the will of another being, or harming another being against their will.  And they acknowledge and respect the boundaries that exist between children and adults.  I think that is the ultimate solution to many of life's problems.

     Human Sexuality is a good starting place for solving many of the world's problems because it covers the more important areas of Sex Education, Child Development and Protection, Homosexuality, Gay Marriage and other Social issues.  So I will endeavor to use erotic stories and concepts along with factual data to stir up provocative and challenging questions.

     Human sexuality is the most complex aspect of life.  It profoundly affects every person in a wide variety of ways.  Physical attraction, self image, sexual chemistry and desires are just the tip of the iceberg.  The religious and philosophical associations are far reaching.  They include everything from virgin boy meets virgin girl and they don't have sex until after they get married in the church to sex outside of marriage, anal sex, group sex, homosexuality and bestiality.  Fantasy verses reality is another significant dynamic that affects relationships.  Such as "role playing" and simply coming to terms with what should be "fantasy" and what should become "reality."  Pornography is also a huge issue.  There exists a vast array of pornographic materials that cater to a large audience.

     The Freudian Theory of Psychosexual Development suggests that everything humans do is motivated by sex.  It asserts that sexual desires begin with infants who are rubbing themselves back and forth on the floor experiencing primitive sexual stimulations all the way to old men having sex with young women and unto bestiality (sex with animals) and necrophilia (sex with the dead).  Human sexuality encompasses as many possibilities as there are people to create them.  But much of that remains secret sexual speculation.  Nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors.  And most people identify themselves with a liberal or conservative group that represents their sexual standards regardless of what their sexual desires and practices may really be.  Insecurity, embarrassment, shame and fear will always limit the true breadth of human sexuality publicly.  But there is plenty of evidence that supports the reality that people are extremely curious and experimental when it comes to their pursuit of sexual pleasure.  Should they be judged and condemned for that?  At what point should they be judged?  How should they be judged?

     One of the troubling issues surrounding human sexuality is the hypocritical stigmas that plague society as a result of both Religion and The Media.  There exists a very weird stigma and hypocrisy in the world, especially within the United States of America, simply regarding the natural realities of nudity, sexuality, sexiness and desire.  Religious leaders and conservative talk show hosts will often use the term "sexual promiscuity" to support the judgmental positions they often take when addressing these topics.  They will all proclaim that the United States is a nation "right of center."  They will all espouse Judeo-Christian ethics and values.  And they are all quick to pass personal judgments when addressing issues of "sexual promiscuity" in society.  On the other hand advertisers and media outlets flood society with sexually suggestive content virtually every waking moment of every day via the internet, television, radio, billboards and gaming like it is going out of style - like it is feeding a starving dog.  And society eats it up.  Playboy is practically an icon in the world.  So are Hustler and other magazines that are far more hardcore.  There is a porn shop on practically every street corner.  And you can search the internet for photos, videos and blogs that reveal practically any sexual practice.  All of these things are generally accepted and well tolerated in society, as they should be.  Essentially, there is a giant conflict of interest between the influences of religions, especially Judeo-Christian, Muslim and Islamic religions, with their fear-based, restrictive, judgmental, condemnatory and controlling ideologies vs. the natural and normal influences of nudity, sexuality, sexiness and desire.  As a result many human beings are emotionally and psychologically fragile, insecure, confused and fearful when it comes to issues of "sexual immorality."  Most, if not all, religions are dictatorial, controlling, manipulative and castigatory when it comes to issues of sexual immorality.  And most, if not all, forms of Media are liberal and inviting when it comes to sex.  These two opposing realities perpetuate and foster sexual confusion, insecurity and fear in the minds of many.  When a person claims they are not emotionally and psychologically fragile, insecure, confused and fearful when it comes to issues of sexual immorality because their religious upbringing and beliefs have given them strength and fortitude to believe as they do, that only proves the point.  It is only because of fear-based religious influences upon their minds and the threat of condemnation and judgment that such people believe as they do.  They might not realize it on the surface - but it is so.  If they do some serious soul searching, they will come to realize it.

     When a person believes something, endeavors to adhere to a particular mandate, or endeavors to avoid a particular behavior that is condemned by their religious beliefs because they are afraid of losing their soul and burning in hell for all of eternity, they are clearly motivated by fear, which, ironically, is the very antidote, or controlling mechanism, that seems to relieve them of their emotional and psychological fragility, insecurity and confusion.  It is like people getting drunk or high so they don't have to face reality.  Ultimately, they are driven and manipulated by fear.  Essentially religious people are "scared straight" - "scared into denial" - "scared into submission."  Just as drunks and drug addicts are driven and manipulated into their own distorted realm of denial.  Both are limited in their overall life experiences.  Taken away from them both are what otherwise might be considered "natural" experiences that are intended to help their souls to grow.

     It is virtually impossible for such people to break free from this control and manipulation.  Although it is not necessary if that is how they find their sense of security and identity.  The problem lies in the hypocrisy, judgment and condemnatory attitudes that such people develop, which bruises society.  This by and large represents the conflict that exists between "liberals" and "conservatives."  Liberals are frankly disgusted and offended by the judgmental attitudes of conservatives.  They are also keenly and intellectually aware of the plight that religious-minded conservatives suffer via these fear-based religious manipulations and influences.  Ironically, and unfortunately, the undesirable traits of intolerance and judgment exhibited by conservatives are rapidly becoming the same traits liberals are developing toward conservatives.  This must stop on both sides.  The best way for it to stop is for emotionally and psychologically fragile, insecure, confused and fearful conservatives and religious-minded people to stop casting judgments upon other human beings who do not believe as they do.  And Liberals should respect the Morals, Ethics, Principles and Values that Conservatives hold dear.  It is a certainty that attacks on Christianity and Christian holidays will stop once the conservative-based, religious-minded, judgments and condemnations of other people stop.  And when Liberals respect Conservative Values.

     For some people (usually new young souls and/or the conservative and religious-minded) sexual immorality is the basis for their emotional and psychological fragility, insecurity, confusion and fear.  Manmade religions, religious ideologies, religious teachings, religious people, the Bible, Koran and other religious books exacerbate this condition causing some people to become condemnatory and judgmental toward others.  Sexual immorality is essentially defined by such people via three topics: Infidelity, Homosexuality and Bestiality.  Infidelity has three subdivisions of its own: Adultery, Fornication and Sex Outside Of Marriage.  It can be broken down even further when you include Masturbation and Fantasies.

     Many people are emotionally, psychologically and spiritually fragile when it comes to these topics, despite their natural place in life, because they are referenced in the Bible and throughout all religions in such a way as to control, manipulate and manage humanity with the threat of eternal condemnation.  This results in fear.  People are causing more damage to the development of human psychologies than they know by engulfing society in these natural realities on the one hand through widespread promotion of sexuality via The Media and preaching against them and condemning them through their religions and churches on the other hand.

     People watch and enjoy sexually exciting things every day, whether it be through the ever-diminishing standards of Hollywood and television or pornography on DVDs and the internet.  Then they ask for God to forgive them at church the following Sunday, Wednesday or Saturday.  It is upon such people that religions have their greatest influence and effect.  And it is upon such people that religious leaders and conservative talk show hosts build their following.  It is a little bit laughable how religious leaders and conservative talk show hosts are quick to pass judgments when addressing issues of "sexual promiscuity."  Yet, if a pretty, beautiful, sexy woman is in front of them they will gurgle, grin, blush and make sly remarks, "suggestive" innuendos and subtle nuances that reflect their own infatuation and/or appreciation for sexiness.  Is that hypocrisy?  It may be.  It is certainly their "natural" and "normal" inner-being trying to express itself - rightfully so.  They appreciate physical beauty and sexiness just as much as the next person.  The problem is their insecurity over to what extent they can proclaim it and acknowledge it publicly, in front of their religious-minded and conservative followers.  They often acknowledge extreme examples of "sexiness" in a coy kind of way as if to acknowledge it with some mild degree of intrigue or admiration while simultaneously judging or criticizing it lest they be ill-perceived by their religious-minded and conservative followers.  Therein is their hypocrisy, which fosters and strengthens a weird stigma and hypocrisy in society.  It is a stigma and hypocrisy that exists in the United States of America more so than in any other country in the world.

     Clearly there are perversions within human sexuality.  But at what point do we judge?  More importantly what does it mean to "judge?"  There is such a vast array of sexual desires and fantasies that there must be a point at which one can judge.  But what is that point?  And what do we mean by "judge?"  Do human government agencies take action to charge, arrest and punish people who commit acts of sexual perversion?  There is certainly a point at which it can be reasonably argued that such should be done.  What is that point?  Is it with sex outside of marriage, anal sex (sodomy) within marriage, group sex, homosexuality, bestiality, necrophilia or some other action that is considered to be disgusting, repulsive and immoral?  Many people would say: "To each his or her own.  People should be able to do whatever they want to do."  But that is not exactly accurate.  The ultimate answer is: "People should be able to do whatever they want to do so long as they are not violating the will of another being, or harming another being against their will.  And they acknowledge and respect the boundaries that exist between children and adults."  In fact, this is the best and only answer.  When we look at historical approaches and use Biblical examples, this is what we get:

Exodus 20:22 - "If a man is found sleeping with another man's wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die."

Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death."

Exodus 22:19 - "Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal must be put to death."

     What about extramarital affairs?  What about homosexuality?  What about bestiality?  Should people be judged and condemned over such things?  What about anal sex?  What about group sex?  What about toys?  What about masturbation?  What about a woman putting things inside of her vagina for sexual experimentation, stimulation and pleasure?  If a dog licks a woman's arm or neck she may feel an enjoyable sensation of tingles running up and down her spine and throughout her body.  Is it time for judgment?  What if the dog starts licking her neck and that stimulates the woman's sexuality and curiosity?  Is it time for judgment?  What if the woman has sex with the dog?  Is it time for judgment?  Many women do this sort of thing all of the time.  Should they be found out, rounded up and punished?  Should she really be judged and condemned? Of course not!

     Should bestiality be any more of an offense than homosexuality when the Bible calls for the death of both such participants?  Is homosexuality any less disgusting, perverted, offensive or wrong?  Is the reality of a man pumping his erect penis in and out of another man's rectum and ejaculating into his feces any less deplorable and condemnatory?

     It is alarming on the subject of bestiality just how easily accessible links, websites and videos are... and how widespread the practice is.  A Google or BING search quickly shows how widespread the practice is and how easily and readily available it is.  Clearly children of any age with access to a computer and the internet, which would be MOST if not all of them, can see things they should NOT be able to see.  Where is this world headed with glamorized homosexuality in the Media, gay marriage being pushed by so many in our government and bestiality so widespread and accessible to our children?  I am all for sexiness, eroticism and adult content and behavior.  I am just beside myself on the negative influences upon our youth that our Government "Of the People, By the People, For the People" permits.  It's bad.

     If a person can simply go online to Google.com or BING.com and search terms like "bestiality" or "woman fucking dog" and get numerous results for their viewing curiosity, should they be judged and condemned for searching it?  Here is an even BIGGER question.  Should Google and BING be judged and comdemned for providing it?  Since Google and BING are making numerous links, websites and videos of bestiality available to the public should they be judged and condemned for doing so?

     What is certain from doing a Google or BING search of bestiality is that there are countless MANY women who enjoy having sex with their dogs.  And they are pretty, beautiful, sexy women with attractive and sexy bodies.  They are not fat, ugly, unattractive women.  Any normal man who desires beautiful sexy women is likely to be intrigued and confounded by that.  Who knows what is going on behind closed doors?  The alarming and disappointing thing is that these Google and BING searches for bestiality are just as easily accessible to children of any age.  Should "government" be concerned about that?  Where does one draw the line between liberties, freedoms and rights for adults vs. shielding and protecting children?  Why is bestiality so readily available to begin with?

     Homosexuality is a fascinating subject because it is an issue that has religious, spiritual, social and political ramifications.  It is therefore a subject that creates confusion and conflict in the hearts, minds and souls of many people.  There is far more to homosexuality than just the physical act of two women or two men having sex with one another.  But it is the physical act itself that is the basis for most people's scorn, ridicule, judgment and condemnation.  This is especially true concerning male homosexuality because the reality of a man sliding his penis in and out of another man's rectum or down his throat and  ejaculating inside of him is considered by many people, perhaps by most (the vast majority), to be disgusting, repulsive and wrong.  It is understandably and rightfully considered to be such because of the biological and spiritual associations.  This is especially true for people who are: "Religious," "Christian," "Bible-believing," God-believing" and "God-respecting."

     Let's talk about anatomy, biology and reproduction.  Let's talk about "Spiritual" associations.  Let's talk about the "REASONS" why homosexuality is objectionable to so many people.

     All people who believe in "God" or "The Creator" acknowledge and respect the fact that sexual relations between a man and a woman means a man inserts his erect penis into a woman's vagina.  The in and out motion creates contact and friction induced pleasure for both participants.  And if the man ejaculates into the woman's womb his "Sperm" or "Semen" makes its way up the fallopian tubes and into the ovaries where the eggs "may" become fertile and create a new life.  For many people, especially those who believe in "Creation," that is a "Sacred" process.

     Some people believe that human beings were created, whether by: "God," "The Hand of God," "The Creator," "From the Dust of the Earth," or by some "Supernatural Being, Entity or Force."  Some people do NOT believe that.  And they do NOT care.  The bottom line is: some human beings, many millions of human beings, believe that humans were "Created."  Others do not.  This is the great divide.  However, some people may be homosexual" or "gay" and profess to believe in and love "God."  A child molester may also profess to believe in and love god, and even love children.  So the ultimate question comes down to RIGHT vs. WRONG.  That is the ultimate question.  And "REASON" provides the ultimate answers and solutions.

     The Media endeavors to promote the idea that anybody who is opposed to "Homosexuality" and/or "Gay Marriage" is "Intolerant" and/or a "Bigot."  The only way to prove whether The Media is RIGHT or WRONG is to look at the "REASON" why so many millions of people are opposed to "Homosexuality" and "Gay Marriage."  Nobody knows for certain if there is a "God" or "Creator."  Nobody can prove the existence of a "God" or "Creator."  And nobody can prove that "God" or "The Creator" does not exist.  But many millions of people believe or "THINK" that "The Creator" does exist.

     It is a pretty safe bet to say that "IF" there is a "Creator" then the incredible, marvelous, magnificent manner by which "The Creator" created women and men with their phenomenal ability to procreate would likely be what many millions of people could (and do) reasonably refer to as "Sacred" or "Holy."  Sure, we all know that "Sex" in and of itself is a FUN thing.  It is an enjoyable thing.  People enjoy sex.  Women have a vagina and a clitoris that can be stimulated and give pleasurable sensations and orgasms.  Men have penises that can become engorged and erect.  And that feels good.  The whole anatomical reality of intercourse between a man and woman is a "feel good" thing without question.  But sex can be just as pleasurable for homosexuals.  And it can be just as pleasurable for a woman having sex with her dog.  This brings about the reality that sex has two purposes: reproduction and pleasure.

     We know that the semen, sperm, or seed of a man leaving his body and ejaculating into the womb of a woman and entering into the egg she holds is the initial "spark of life."  That is where and how "life begins."  That is absolutely a FACT - REALITY.  And it is an "issue" that can reasonably be considered "Sacred" and "Holy."  Hence, for the many millions of people who value and hold dear the notion that "God" or "The Creator" created human beings and blessed them with the ability and gift to procreate new life it is certainly understandable why they would consider homosexuality and gay marriage to be wrong.  When one considers that homosexuality entails the reality of a man sliding his erect penis into the anus of another man and ejaculating into his feces that could reasonably be considered immoral, depraved, degenerate, indecent, perverted, filthy and wrong by the many millions of people who are opposed to homosexuality and gay marriage.

     Clearly there is a "Moral" and sound "REASON" why many millions of people are opposed to "Homosexuality" and "Gay Marriage."  They are NOT "Intolerant" nor "Bigots."  In the minds, hearts, souls, beliefs and opinions of many millions of people the "normal" and "natural" order of life and "intimate relationships" is for men to be in intimate relationships with women, and for women to be in intimate relationships with men.  Men involved in intimate relationships with men is considered by those many millions of people to be immoral, perverted, depraved, degenerate, sick, wrong and evil.  Some believe that because of their religious-based doctrines, which assert that "God" made men and women to engage in intimate relationships with one another.  Others believe so just based upon their own "natural" and "normal" way of thinking without even being religious.  Those millions of human beings have every right to believe that.  And they have every right to apposition the reality that The Media (News Stations, Television Programmers, Hollywood Movies, Gaming Industry, Music Industry) and "Politically Correct Politicians" are guilty of propagating homosexuality as being a mainstream part of society and heralding it as if though it is "okay" and a "perfectly normal alternative lifestyle" when many millions of human beings disagree.  The vast majority of people who disagree with homosexuality and gay marriage are caring, understanding and forgiving people who have the ability to accept that people can do whatever they want to do in the privacy of their own bedroom.  But they are sick and tired of Media propaganda machine and "Politically Correct Politicians" promulgating their own bias.  They especially do not want their children being raised in a "Politically Correct" society wherein little Johnny is being taught that it is okay to marry little Tommy when they grow up and little Susie can marry little Jane when they grow up.

     Many people do not want to dishonor The Creator and their respect for the natural order of procreation.  The act of a man sucking another man's erect penis until it ejaculates down his throat or into his anus and feces is not only dishonorable to The Creator but it is considered detestable by many.  There was a time when homosexuality was banned for precisely those reasons.  Hence, religious-minded people will use Bible verses to support their opposition:

Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death."

     We live in a day and age when it is politically incorrect to discriminate against homosexuality in any way and Federal Laws protect all of the sexual acts that are associated with homosexuality.  Yet, strong and rational arguments can be made against the practice of homosexuality.  Is it reasonable for a person to consider bestiality to be any more offensive or wrong than homosexuality when the Bible calls for the death of both such offenders?  And when both practices have modern rational objections?  Again, there are two kinds of sex:" sex for procreation and sex for pleasure.  And it is the reproductive aspect of sex that has the strongest argument against homosexuality and gay marriage.  While pleasurable aspects of sex seemingly have no boundaries and no limitations.

     Sex for procreation ONLY is practiced by a few extreme religious-minded persons who believe and practice the notion that sex is only for the purpose of creating a new life and having a baby.  Some of them have no objection to the unavoidable fact that the sexual experience is going to be pleasurable, so long as it is a short-lived.  Others may attempt to ignore and detach as quickly as possible from any sense of pleasure.  Such people believe sex should not be enjoyed.  And it should not be experienced in excess.  They have a very long way to go in the development of their psycho-emotional, psycho-sexual and spiritual development.  Sex for pleasure is practiced by most people and is fulfilled in ways that include various and manifold fantasies, role playing, games, excitement and pleasure that exists within a vast spectrum of sexual possibilities.

     It is not the issue of sex, sexual enjoyment and sexual pleasure that needs to be moderated, limited, minimized and controlled.  It is the issue of impregnating a woman, creating a new life and bringing a child into the world that MUST be moderated, limited, minimized and controlled.  Ultimately that is, or should be, the responsibility of the people engaging in sex.  This is a matter of education and responsibility.  The matter of shielding and protecting children in the public domain goes hand in hand with that.

     There are two kinds of RIGHT and two kinds of WRONG.  There is the kind of RIGHT that requires no change on the part of a person because it is ingrained within their being to act in accordance with what is RIGHT.  And there is the kind of RIGHT that requires an evolutionary process and change to occur within a person so he or she can grasp what is RIGHT.  Some people must experience, learn, evolve, grow, change, adapt and strengthen over time in order to acquire the higher level of understanding, knowledge and awareness that will enable him or her to know and act in accordance with what is RIGHT.  Even then they may spend a lifetime, or many lifetimes, endeavoring to achieve enlightenment.

     When a person's natural sexual desires, intrigues and curiosities are avoided or cut short because of conflicts with manmade, fear-based, religious ideologies and the threat of condemnation and eternal damnation - emotional and psychological fragility, insecurity and fear are the result.  And people develop condemnatory and judgmental attitudes.  If there is not a God who will judge and condemn such people, and there is not, then there shouldn't be a person judging or condemning any other person for doing such things.  It is people and their religious ideologies that judge and condemn - not God.  People do so out of their own emotional and psychological fragility, insecurity, confusion and fear.  You can even throw jealousy into the mix.  Some people even judge by way of their self-inflated ego.  People having sexually complex emotions, thoughts and desires that conflict with religious dictates and mandates causes stigmas and hypocrisies that foster insecurity, confusion and fear.  It also results in judgmental and condemnatory attitudes.  It is no wonder we have such human strife, confusion and conflict in the world.

     Ultimately people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies and their sexuality so long as they abide by the Universal Law:  Do not violate the will of another being, or harm another being against their will.  And acknowledge and respect the boundaries that exist between children and adults.  Conservative values should dominate the public sector.  While liberal values and desires should be enjoyed in the home and within specific places designed to facilitate personal liberties and freedoms - like "Adult Centers" the size of Wal-marts where people can practice whatever they want in accordance with the Universal Law.  This will protect and respect conservative values and principles.  And it will protect children and their development.  I guess that is my solution to reconciling the conflicts that exist between the notion of a "Judgmental" and "Condemnatory" God vs. human rights, liberties and freedoms.  Such an approach also remedies the important matter of shielding and protecting children in society.

     I use to think the world was an evil place controlled by "The Devil" and maybe it is.  But now I prefer to think that humanity simply needs to be more thoughtful and responsible about how society operates in a "public" sense.  Maybe that is why Jesus Christ said: "The children are the Kingdom of Heaven."  Perhaps children should be the standard for what is readily available on the internet?  Perhaps children should be the standard for what is "publicy" widespread in society in general?  What do you think?

     I use to think all bad and wrong things were based upon the "religious" idea that this is a fallen world full of "sinful" people and "God will sort them all out in the end."  Then I came to think that people are responsible for everything that takes place in this world.  I rather prefer the latter idea, which lends itself as a perfect solution to the saying: "Evil will prevail when good men and women do nothing!"  It suggests that all bad and wrong things can be eliminated in society if good people will simply stand up and take responsibility and action to do away with all that is bad and wrong.  But that brings up the issue of "corruption."  To what extent does it exist in government for the sole purpose of keeping that which is bad and wrong alive and well.  Keep the drugs coming in… keep the porn industry going… and, now days, keep terrorism alive and well.  It has been said that the internet is called "the web" because it is a trap.  It can be used to entice, lure and ensnare child molesters for instance.  That is a good thing.  But it is a bad thing that child molesters are even child molesters.  Why are they child molesters?  Are the millions of children today who have access to an open and unbridled internet wherein they can view virtually any sexual practice that exists destined to become the child molesters of the future?

     All a person has to do, including children of any age, is go to Google or BING and type in a simple word like "bestiality" and they can view endless links, websites, photos and videos of women letting dogs have sex with them (and other animals).  And many of the women sure do appear to be enjoying themselves.  What influence might that have upon the minds of young children who go online and search for it because they heard about from a friend or through some Media outlet?  I have heard the term "bestiality" mentioned in the news.  I have seen it referenced in movies.  I have had many people bring to my attention some, whether in jest, comedic style or disgust how they saw a movie on the internet of a woman having sex with a horse or dog.  Herein there exists a very serious crossroads dilemma.  I am all about rights, liberties and freedoms.  In that regard I am very much a Liberal.  But I also respect Conservative Morals, Ethics, Principles and Values especially as they pertain to children.  I believe children should be shielded and protected from what is so readily available on the internet.

     I recently did a search on Google and BING for "bestiality" and made numerous screenshots, which I saved as Exhibits to be used in my efforts to bring this to the attention of "good" people within government.  My dad says I am setting myself up for a fall by sharing my views so openly on Facebook and within my Political website: PresidentMike.com. But I am reminded of the saying: "Evil will prevail when good men and women do nothing!"  It seems to me if I do not address this issue - nobody will.  And I truly care about children.  I love children.  They are the innocent.  They are the pure.  They are the potential of the future.

     Again, I am all for freedom of speech, freedom of expression and even sexual liberties.  My views are clear and they represent the best possible rationale: People should be able to do whatever they want to do so long as they are not violating the will of another being, or harming another being against their will.  And they acknowledge and respect the boundaries that exist between children and adults.  But measures need to be taken to shield and protect the innocence of children - publicly and online.  Period!
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