Quote Of The Day
     "There is a BIG difference between Capitalism and Corporate Greed.  Capitalism is a GREAT thing.  It gives EVERY person a chance to rise based upon their own merrits, talents, & efforts (rather than providing government handouts for the lazy & lacking).  Corporatism (Corporate Greed) is a TERRIBLE thing.  It robs and steals from EVERYONE and is ONLY a select few Corporate Giants (a handful of individuals) who are controlling the Markets of Needs (gas, fuel, power, energy, medical, & insurance companies), which are all in bed with corrupt, greedy, politicians.  They (the Corporate Greedy Pigs & Corrupt Politicians) manipulate prices and markets in these areas for the benefit of their own selfish, greedy, egotistical, gains at the expense of the masses of people!"

                                                                           - Mike Singer