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     Money is an essential and vital means of being able to get anything done.  Many organizations allow for a portion of their revenues to be used for exorbitant salaries and frivolous expenses.  WE DO NOT!

     100% of ALL revenues we bring in are accumulated, saved, and held in trust for the American People.  Our Board of Directors will only take from those funds in order to finance efforts that will benefit the American Public.  If we need to appear before Congress or the Senate, pay attorneys to file legal motions, advertise an important announcement through the mainstream media, or send our team of liaisons out on any mission to represent the BEST and GOOD interests of the American People our Board of Directors will use EXACTLY and ONLY the PRECISE amount of money that is needed to accomplish such.

Think Of This As A Giant Bank Account For "True Americans" And "Patriots"
This is "OUR" War Chest & Treasury!

     We think more than half of the United States of America is made up of "True Americans" and "Patriots."  But we are increasingly being faced with opposition that are akin to being Infiltrators, Spies, and Traitors.  They have The Media, Television Programming and Hollywood on their side.  They also have Corrupt Politicians and Corrupt Greedy Corporations on their side.  And they have Money on their side.

     Essentially we have more than 150 - 200 million "True Americans" and "Patriots" that are being manipulated and controlled by the enemy within.  Imagine when ALL of YOU become Members.  We will have a huge bank account.  And we will have a Private Roster (the ability to Contact and Support one another).  At ONLY $50 Annual Membership Subscription when we are one-million Members strong we will have fifty-million dollars per year to spend in the fight to defeat Corporate and Political Corruption and Anti-Americanism.  When we are ten-million Members strong we will have five-hundred-million dollars per year in our War Chest.  When we are one-hundred-million Members strong we will have five-billion dollars per year, as well as GREATLY improved unity.
We Will TRULY Be United, Organized, And Mobile.

We Value, Support, And Will Exercise "Transparency" And "Full Disclosure."  All Members And Donators Will Have FULL AND COMPLETE ACCESS To Our Expenditures, Books, And Record Keeping.  They Will Be Able To Access Their Own Members Webpage To See Exactly How Much Money Has Come In, What Our Current Balance Is, How Much Money Has Been Spent And For What Purpose It Was Spent.
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