Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews EVERYTHING On This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews EVERYTHING On This Web Page!
God vs. Godlessness - Religion vs. Secularism - Morality vs. Immorality - Decency vs. Depravity

United We Stand - Divided We Fall!

This is NOT about "me."  This is about "Us!"

"Believers," "Church-goers," and "Conservatives" I am calling you to the center!

"Non-believers," "Secularists," and "Liberals" I am calling you to the center!

"Extremists" I am calling you to the center!

No one can Unite ALL.  There WILL always be stragglers.  The stragglers are often cunning, persuasive and manipulative.  Do not let them influence you.  They are endeavoring to destroy the USA!

I am a voice of reason.  Become a voice of reason!  Don't "follow" me!  Join with me!  And help to spread "Reason" that is "Balanced" between "Secularism and Morality!"

The first thing that every human being needs to come to terms with in life, especially as a mature adult, but preferably starting as a child, is whether or not there is such a thing as "Right" and "Wrong."  Obviously, any person who does not, or cannot, grasp and acknowledge the reality that there is such a thing as "Wrong" is a potential threat to their self and to society at large.

The next step in the process is for each person to make their own determinations about what is "Right" and what is "Wrong."

Churches and religions have been the primary catalysts for helping people to make those determinations.

This is where the road becomes, not "dived," but "tri-vided."  As a guitar player who loves music and grew up on Classic Rock I hate to say this but Led Zeppelin got it wrong.  There are not two paths you can go by, there are three.  Actually, it is multi-vided.  There are many paths.  People can create their own paths.  But there are three primary paths: Left, Center, and Right.  In fact, Led Zeppelin may seem to have gotten it right at first, because there really are only two paths at the starting point.  The trick is discovering the elusive third path.  Pitting "Democrats" and "Liberals" against "Republicans" and "Conservatives" is an age old strategy: Divide and Conquer.  I will not get into "Conspiracy Theories" and/or "The New World Order" here.  And I will not address the issue of whether or not this world belongs to "The Devil," "Lucifer" or "Satan."  I will say human beings need to take responsibility for what is happening upon this planet and within our Nation.  Stop hiding in your church buildings and comfort zones.  There are forces, BEINGS, at work seeking to divide and conquer America.  "True Americans," "Patriots" and "Christians" MUST Unite and Organize to prevent that from happening.

One path is to seek out God and Godliness.  This path becomes multi-vided because of the many religions that exist.  Most people who seek God and Godliness become heavily involved and committed to their man-made churches and teachings.  Many people reject this path because of the obvious flaws, archaic teachings, and judgmental attitudes that are associated with so many religions, which are especially unappealing to educated, enlightened, thinking beings.

One path is to reject God and religion all together and become a secularist and/or atheist.  This path becomes multi-vided because of the reality that all people who take this path are still faced with having to make "Right" and "Wrong" decisions.  In fact, not all secularists are "atheists."  Many of them will say: "I am not religious, but spiritual."  However, "spiritual" and "Godly" can be two different things.  A person can be "spiritual" because they are into worshiping the "Devil" or "Satan."  Being "spiritual" is highly subjective and can be a GOOD thing or a BAD thing.

Essentially the "two paths" are "Godliness" and "Godlessness."  These really are the two paths in life that divide humanity.  It makes you wonder if religion wasn't created by a certain group of beings for the sole purpose of being able to manipulate and control humans.  In fact, what better strategy could there be to control humanity than to make people go to one extreme or the other.  They will easily have control over the "liberal" people by occupying their minds with fruitless, counter-productive, and often self-destructive mechanisms.  And they will have control over the "conservatives" through the churches and Fear.

Here is the BOTTOM LINE QUESTION: Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Godliness" or "Godlessness?"  Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Godly Principles" or "Godless Principles?"  Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Morality" or Immorality?"  Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Decency" or "Depravity?"

Are there such things as "Morals" and "Decency?"  What are they?  Are there such things as "Immorality" and "Depravity?"  What are they?  How about from a "non-biblical," "non-religious," or "non-church going" point of view?  What are they then?

I remember about 20 years ago walking with my ex-girlfriend into her friend's apartment, and the young couple had their infant baby in a rocker propped up 6 feet in front of a huge TV screen that the couple was playing a violent video game on.  This poor helpless infant child was in a gaze starring aimlessly up into this big screen with blood flying around, the sound of guns shooting, and murder and mayhem... and the damn media correspondents on Fox News and EVERY OTHER Channel are asking a BUNCH OF INCOMPETENT Self-righteous Egotistical Psychologists what went wrong and how they can all make sense of these tragic shootings that are taking place in schools, movie theatres and shopping malls.  We, as a Nation, are allowing poison, filth, corruption, and violence to creep into the precious minds of our young, helpless, impressionable, innocent children through cartoons, video games and movies all around this once great Nation of ours… and these incompetent morons are jaw-dropped and wondering what the problem is??? IDIOTS!!!

Are we going to continue being complacent, apathetic, and indifferent?  Are we going to allow dirt bag, scumbag, selfish, greedy, self-centered bastards to continue pumping trash, filth, poison, corruption, and violence into the minds of our young children through cartoons, games and movies across the country for their own selfish financial gains and profits?  So these shootings will continue and even increase over time?  So they can blame guns rather than the source of the problems?  So they can create an "excuse" to quash the 2nd Amendment and eventually confiscate all guns from The People?  Or are we going to put someone into office, like me, who is going to address these critical issues.  No one else is going to address these issues because there is too much "Profit" involved for Corporations, Media Companies and Politicians.

I watch all of these TV News station correspondents putting on their somber faces and "acting" all melodramatic, sad, and concerned for the cameras when tragedies strike. Yet, I NEVER see them use their powerful positions to consistently address the "real issues."  That is either because they are truly uniformed and don't know what the real issues are.  Or, they are stifled by their executives who don't want to lose "commercial profits."

Anyone who TRULY cares about children would be doing something to regulate what children are exposed to in society.  Corporations, Politicians and The Media (Television Programming, Commercials, and Hollywood) are throwing our children under the bus for Financial Gains and Profits.  They ARE responsible for the many Tragic Shootings that have taken place in Malls, Movie Theatres and Schools.  They are TEACHING, ENCOURAGING and GUIDING our children into becoming Violent Killers.  I have seen it with my own eyes!  And so have you!

I say humanity needs to take responsibility for how we are raising future generations of children.

I say we need to quash the people, companies and media sources that are pumping trash, filth, poison, corruption and violence into society for financial gains and profits.

I say we need a society that is based upon "Godly" and "Moral" principles, not "Godless" and "Immoral" principles and "Irresponsibility!"

Even the "Gay Marriage" thing is creating confusion in many of our young citizens.

I have MANY gay friends.  I am NOT a "gay basher."  I am NOT "homophobic."  I am NOT a "closet gay."  I LOVE GOOD Gay people as I love ALL GOOD people.  I believe in and support "Gay rights."  Here is the problem with the "Gay thing" and "Gay Marriage": The media is making it all out to be a "Sensation" and a "Fad" like it is something everybody should be doing.  They are "glamorizing" it and attempting to make it an "alternative" and legitimate lifestyle for ANYONE and EVERYONE.  That creates confusion and conflict in the hearts, minds and souls of MANY young non-gay children.

It is evident that the BIG PROBLEM facing our Nation is: The Media

In fact, the infiltrators, spies and traitors find refuge in The Media.

The simple FACT of the matter is that nobody really knows IF there is a "God" or not, or WHO or WHAT "God" is.  People simply "believe" there is a "God" or "believe in" God or "hope" there is a "God" or "hope in" God."  Equal to that reality, or even more so, is the FACT that MANY people merely "follow" their "religion" and "religious teachings" and "doctrines" and "dogmas."  Why?  Well, there are many reasons for that.  It could be simply because of "tradition" and "brain washing" that has been passed down through the family from generation to generation.  Or it could be because a person is insecure, scared, and confused so they go seek out a church for a sense of security and belonging.

It is very easy to become a religious extremist.  Why? Because that way a person can reject a whole bunch of stuff in life that doesn't agree with their belief system and simplify their mindset.  It is much easier to live a narrow simple-minded life.  And it bolsters a person's ego when they feel like they can judge others and place their self above others by virtue of their self-delusional "superior relationship with God."  Of course that is sad.  But it is very easy for the frail human psychology to become "God-centered" to the "extreme."  It is easy for people to become very church oriented and religious because it gives them a sense of security, understanding, and belonging.  Frankly, there is nothing wrong with that so long as such people keep it to themselves and do not attempt to force their beliefs and practices on others.  In fact, most religions have proven to be very good for society at large because they have helped to give many people who otherwise would have been reckless and out of control a sense of personal security, purpose and semblance of order.

Even if ALL religions are man-made organizations that doesn't mean there is no such thing as "God!"

Unfortunately, there are in fact a great many churches and religions that teach a whole bunch of things that are not necessarily true and accurate

As for me, me I do not "believe" or "hope."  I "think."  I think I am, we are, here by creative design.  I sense The Creator.  I commune with The Creator.

For several years, from age 16 to age 27, I studied various philosophies and religions in great depth, including: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity.  I have read the Quran (Koran) and the Holy Bible from cover to cover twice over.  And I studied with Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Pentecostals and non-denominational Christians at great length for many years.  So I have a very clear understanding of God, Religion, Spirituality and Enlightenment.  While I was once able to quote scriptures and ancient writings from various religious books with great accuracy and argument, I soon transcended the argumentative approach of heralding my religious views and assimilated all that I learned into my general being and overall persona.  I have struggled with addictions and completely overcome them.  I have also experienced being falsely accused and wrongfully incarcerated for crimes that I did not commit.  While I have never been convicted of any criminal offense and every allegation ever made against me was thrown out, nol-prossed, or otherwise dismissed from court, I know what it means to be falsely accused and wrongfully incarcerated.  These things have given me a degree of prudence, empathy, sympathy, compassion and understanding that others may lack.

HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE QUESTION: Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Godliness" or "Godlessness?"  Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Godly Principles" or "Godless Principles?"  Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Morality" or Immorality?"  Would you rather have a society that is based upon "Decency" or "Depravity?"

Everyone must answer that question, and end up where they may.  And, again, NOBODY can please EVERYBODY all of the time.  NEVER will EVERYBODY agree on ALL things.  But it is urgent that "We" Unite the Majority wherein "We" all can agree!

Otherwise, our great Nation WILL Fall!  United We Stand - Divided We Fall!  But we CANNOT Unite ALL.  We can only, and MUST, Unite The Majority!

The Majority must be able and willing to agree with My Bullet Points, and they DO, on: Gay Marriage, Morality, Racism, Violence and Corporate Greed.  All of my Bullet Point topics merge and co-mingle.  They are ALL related to one another.

We must stop the "minority" from manipulating and usurping the "majority."  They do it precisely within the realms of the topics I have addressed in my Bullet Points.  And they do it very well through "Political Correctness" via the Media, Corporations, and with the aid and support of MANY Politicians.

We MUST Unite!  Or we WILL become an entirely Godless Nation and eventually become Slaves to a handful of people running the world.
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