Gay Marriage
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews EVERYTHING On This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews This Web Page!
Do EVERYTHING In Your Power To See That EVERYONE You Know Receives & Reviews EVERYTHING On This Web Page!
Define Marriage?

Marriage: The Holy (Clean, Moral, Decent, Normal, Natural, and God-Intended) Union Of A Man And A Woman For The Purpose Of Creating Children And Having A Family!

Even If A Married Couple Does Not Plan On Creating Children, Marriage Should Be Reserved For The "Loving Union Of A Man And Woman."

There Is A Moral Value Involved With "Marriage".
Even If You Throw The Bible Aside, There Is A "Principle" Involved.

How To Satisfy Both Sides?

Civil Union: A Civil Union Resolves The Issue Of "Civil Rights".
Render Unto Ceasar The Things That Are Ceasar's,
And Unto God The Things That Are God's.

     I am a "Straight" heterosexual man who appreciates, values and LOVES pretty, beautiful, sexy women.  I am NOT "Gay" and I am NOT "Bi-Sexual."  And I give FULL CREDIT to The Creator.  I have MANY gay friends.  I am NOT a "gay basher."  I am NOT "homophobic."  I am NOT a "closet gay."  I LOVE GOOD Gay people as I love ALL GOOD people.  I believe in and support "Gay rights."  Here is the problem with the "Gay thing" and "Gay Marriage": The media is making it all out to be a "Sensation" and a "Fad" like it is something everybody should be doing.  They are "glamorizing" it and attempting to make it an "alternative" and legitimate lifestyle for ANYONE and EVERYONE.  To what degree will such an approach in society shape the minds of future generations of children?  It will shape their minds.  In fact, it creates confusion and conflict in the hearts, minds, and souls of MANY young non-gay children.

     It is not possible to please all people all of the time.  Hence, there will always have to be some disgruntled and unhappy outsiders.  It just has to be that way.  And there are many reasons why it will have to be that way.  Here is an example:

     Marriage is the union of a man and a woman so they can unite, create a family, and perpetuate the human race.  Some people might rightfully contend that "God created and ordained" marriage.  Many, the "Majority," believe that Marriage is an "Act of Holy Matrimony."  Of course, if that is true, then God intended marriage to be between a man and a woman.  There is nothing "Holy" (not "hole-y") about a man sticking his penis inside of another man's rectum or throat and ejaculating.  And the "majority" of people that believe in God, do not believe God created men to do such things.  Thus, no man - - NO MAN (or woman) - - has the right to change that.  NOT the President of the United States.  Not the Supreme Court.  NO ONE.  PERIOD.  End of story.  But, let's say we put God aside.  Let's put God out of the argument for a second.  Marriage is a "Human tradition" that goes back thousands of years uniting a MAN with a WOMAN.  What height of arrogance is it for ANY person to think he or she can change a Tradition that has been around for thousands of years?  Now, let's take "Tradition" out of the argument.  Marriage is the foundation of a FAMILY.  It is NOT the foundation or basis for having sex.  So sex has absolutely NOTHING at ALL to do with the argument.  And a FAMILY can only be "produced" by a MAN and a WOMAN.  Sure, a gay couple can adopt a child.  But, frankly, they shouldn't be allowed to.  That's right.  They should be among the "disgruntled few" on the outside of the realm of the possibility of being able to get married and/or create a family.  Because they cannot by nature create a family.  And they will SURELY be adversely effecting the development of the child's mind... just as allowing children to be exposed to certain productions of music, movies, and games adversely effects the development of their minds.  In fact, the breaking down of a HEALTHY and NORMAL FAMILY UNIT is a BIG part of what is destroying America.  So from a strictly scientific and psychological point of view Marriage between a man and woman ONLY should be preserved and strengthened.  What about "Sex?"  If you correlate "Sex" with marriage, keep in mind there are people who have sex with animals.  Should they be allowed to marry their animal?  Remember, some people will answer "Yes" to that question too.  That's right, they too should be among the "outsiders" and "disgruntled few."  Should a woman who lets her dog have sex with her be allowed to marry her dog?  Is that where we are headed?  Yes, that is where the infiltrators, spies, and traitors are directing us.  I do not judge ANY person for their sexual desires, curiosities, and/or behaviors.  I don't believe there is a God who will judge any person for such either.  I believe people, ADULTS, should be able to do WHATEVER they want to do sexually, in the privacy of their own bedroom, so long as it excludes the inclusion of children.  Children should be PROPERLY nurtured, protected, and educated until they become adults.  Then they too are FREE to make their own choices.  People do NOT need to be MARRIED to have sex.  People do NOT need to be MARRIED to live together.  There are plenty of OPTIONS for Civil Laws that can be created for the purpose of uniting people without distorting, defiling, and destroying the Sanctity and Holiness of MARRIAGE.  And, yes, intelligent people like YOU and ME need to stand up and implement that which others lack the ability to do.  And we need to, we MUST, get the infiltrators, spies, and traitors who aim to bring this country down out of power.  I do not want my child sitting in a classroom wherein the teacher is required to make it part of her lesson plan to encourage children to have open minds about getting married to their own sex.  And I am confident the Majority of people in the USA agree with me.  If you disagree, sorry "outsider" that's just the way it is.  If you agree with me, support my candidacy!  THE ONLY WAY FOR EVIL TO PREVAIL IS FOR GOOD MEN AND WOMEN TO DO NOTHING!!!

My Thesis On Sex Provides Even Greater Insight Into The Issue Of Homosexuality And Gay Marriage!

The issue here is NOT "Homosexuality."  The issue here is: "Gay Marriage."

     Considering that "Marriage" is ONLY NOW, after all of this time… after THOUSANDS OF YEARS of human history… being discussed as a possible institution for homosexuals… and at a time when the technologies of The Media (MONEY-HUNGRY, MONEY-MOTIVATED, MONEY-MAKING, News Stations Advertisers, Commercials), Hollywood (Movies), Television Programmers ("Programmers"), etc. are ALL behind it… well, that in and of itself speaks VOLUMES.  Just as Hollywood producers are happy as PIGS in $%$% if they can gain profits at the expense of children (you know, make another fifty-million dollars off of several million irresponsible parents bringing their 6 years-of-age children into see movies with excessive sexual promiscuity and violence)… well, only people with a high thinking capacity will get any of this.  Let me move on.

     The simple FACT of the matter is that "Marriage" has always been associated with "Religious Traditions"… you know: "Holy Matrimony"… that kind of thing?  It is therefore a highly disrespectful SLAP IN THE FACE to ALL who value and hold dear their religious Faiths and Beliefs asserting that "Marriage" suddenly includes two men or two women… or a woman and her dog (like the case in Germany) (Oh, and the Woman and her Dolphin, which I think was here in the USA).  Even if YOU are NOT a religious person, it is an admirable and decent thing to respect the Faiths and Beliefs of others, especially if and when such religious Faith, Belief and Practice is not based upon violence or archaic idiocy, but rather Family Values.

     There are MILLIONS of people who are NOT homosexual and are NOT even religious who acknowledge and respect the Traditional and "Natural" order of "Marriage" in context with "Pro-Creation."  In simple terms, such persons agree with the premise that a man sliding his erect penis into another man's rectum and ejaculating his semen (potential life of another human being) into the feces of that man who has NOTHING at all to do with the transforming of that semen into a life is well… not only "UNNATURAL" in the realm of "Pro-Creation" but outright disgusting to MANY MILLIONS of people.  Their views SHOULD be respected.

     The ultimate point is that "Marriage" being applicable ONLY to a man and a woman for the purpose of Pro-Creating a new life and producing a Family is a highly "Spiritual"… "Holy"… "Natural"… "Decent"… "Respectful" institution that has every RIGHT and REASON to maintain its MAJORITY "History"… "Tradition"… "Religious Right"… without being defiled by those who do NOT care about or respect such!

     I would basically say to my gay friends (as I do): "Marriage is to be reserved unto a man and a woman in order to respect the natural order of Pro-Creation, long-standing Traditions of Human Civilizations, and the MANY Religious-based Faiths and Beliefs. Civil Unions shall be granted unto all other people who wish to cohabitate together in their preferred loving relationships."

My Thesis On Sex Provides Even Greater Insight Into The Issue Of Homosexuality And Gay Marriage!
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